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The Gift of Grandparenting, Tuesday, July 23

1:30 pm 1503 Butterfly Place, Hillsborough, NC

Aging with Grace and Gratitude, Wednesdays, August 7, 14, & 21

1:30 to 3 :00 pm  1503 Butterfly Place, Hillsborough, NC

No  charge

CONNECTING THE  GENERATIONS: GRANDPARENTING FOR THE NEW MILLENNIUM, author Charles E. Whalen writes, “children are living messages we send to a time we will not see.  We must do everything we can to make sure that those messages are connected to God and to family and are full of hope”.  What great             responsibility!   In the workshop THE GIFT OF GRANDPARENTING, four roles of grandparents will be presented and discussed:

$!0 charge

We'll deal with the following topics during this  workshop:

August 7th - The unique joys and sorrows of this time in our lives.

August 14th - The imprtant intention of friendship

August 21st - Aging with grace and gratitude

$25 charge


The May 9th "Let the Choice be Mine" seminar was well received.   Here is a sampling of some of the evaluation form comments:

  1. The workshop was very helpful - some of the material was new to me.
  2. I loved being in your lovely home and outdoor spaces.
  3. The leadership was wonderful and also helpful - could have heard less of the green burial pitch.
  4. Linda's leadership was great - kept us on topic.
  5. The written materials were most helpful - a guide to getting organized.
  6. Appreciated leaders guidance, materials provided and very enriching input from participants.
  7. I liked the casual, homey, relaxed atmosphere of the private residence.
  8. Thanks for the delicious lunch!!

potential upComing Events

The  REGRET PREVENTION three week class and the one day Funeral Planning and the one day Regret Prevension, Step 1 were completed recently and I've asked the participants for input on potential future classes.  

Future Possibilities  include:

1) Let the Choice Be Mine (Funeral Planning)

2) The Gift of Grandparenting


4) The Five Love Languages

5) Barriers and Boundaries

Linda's Spiritual Memoir:  What I Didn't Know Then

Synopsis of LINda's spiritual memoir

Linda Foster Momsen’s book, What I Didn’t Know Then: A Woman’s Journey of Feminism, Family and Faith, was released at the Annual Conference session of the Northern Illinois Conference, United Methodist Church.

Foster Momsen served five churches in northern Illinois before retiring in 2005. What I Didn’t Know Then traces her path from traditional housewife to one of the pioneering clergywomen within the United Methodist denomination.

The book signing was part of a national celebration marking the 50th anniversary of the ordination of women within the United Methodist Church.

Called to the ministry as a teenager in the early 1960s, Linda was told by her pastor that she had misunderstood God’s message, since women could not be pastors. Her options, she was told, were to marry a minister or become a missionary.

Linda married her high school sweetheart, who was drafted and served in Fischbach Germany. When the couple returned to the United States, she became involved in the growing feminist movement.

By the mid 1970s, Foster Momsen followed her call, earning her Master of Divinity at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary in Evanston, Illinois, in June 1979. What I Didn’t Know Then traces… 

  • the cultural revolution of the 1970s 
  • the challenges facing working couples as they negotiated a changing view of marriage and parenting
  • the pioneering work that Foster Momsen did to break down barriers, leading toward greater acceptance of women as clergy
  • the issues now facing the United Methodist Church, including the banning of union ceremonies for gay couples, a stand that resulted in a church trial of a Methodist minister in 1999.

Discussion questions for small group facilitation conclude the book.

Foster Momsen and her husband Bruce now live in Hillsborough, North Carolina, where her daughter and her family reside.  She is at last fulfilling her pastor’s prediction—being a missionary  —  to a red state!

 What I Didn’t Know Then was published by GoldenTree Communications.


ISBN 0-9785883-0-4

Copies of “WHAT I DIDN’T KNOW THEN”: are available at

Purplecrowbooks.com (919) 732-1711

Hillsborough, NC 27278


Linda Foster Momsen

1503 Butterfly Place

Hillsborough, NC 27278

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Comments from the recently completed "REGRET PREVENTION" class included the following:

"Loved the quotations and meeting the other ladies.  {Their} stories are powerful."

"I liked the way you brought examples and personal stories into the discussion."

Did the course cause you to make any changes?  "Yes - [I} thought a lot about anyone I need to forgive and some things to improve going forward and I also thought about a comple of people I will ask to forgive me and I will apologize for causing friendship{s} to end..."

"I thing you have a special way of bringing people together."

"Definitely appreciate being able to meet in your cozy living room!"



Dearly Beloved,

My experience in ministry has led me to a passionate desire regarding “Regret Prevention”. At every deathbed someone says, “I didn’t expect the end so quickly”. And for far too many there is the deep sorrow of loss, complicated by failure to resolve some old “business”. The two public figures that currently have not received our corporate forgiveness are Senator Trent Lott and Cardinal Bernard Law.

Forgiveness of others and of oneself is the poignant theme that emerges as a painful end-of-life lesson for a dying man, in the best-selling book Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom. Like so many of us who are deeply hurt when a friend disappoints us, Morrie had never forgiven his friend for not coming to see his wife when she was terminally ill in the hospital. Although his friend later asked for Morrie's forgiveness, explaining that he had shown his own weakness and inability to cope with illness and death, Morrie was not able to forgive him. On his deathbed, Morrie realizes the pain and emotional suffering that he has carried with him throughout his life because he could not forgive his friend. Failing to reconcile unresolved anger and blame for past hurt or offense can cause immeasurable physical, spiritual, and emotional health problems in people's lives.

I urge each of us NOW to prayerfully consider the following actions in our relationships:

  • Each parent and grandparent to write a letter about what they particularly loved about their child/grandchild, moments when they were proud, positive characteristics they see developing, how much they are valued. Say those treasured words “I am proud of you”. 
  • Write a similar note to (or initiate a conversation with) your spouse and/or a good friend, expressing appreciation for shared memories, the gifts of the other, and your value of the long-term relationship.
  • Perhaps everyone has regrets in long-term relationships. Ask God for the courage to discuss the memory with your loved one, to acknowledge the mistakes, and affirm your mutual love. Freely say those challenging words “I am sorry for hurting you.”

All major religious traditions and wisdoms extol the value of forgiveness. Forgiveness has been advocated for centuries as a balm for hurt and angry feelings. Professionals have observed from clinical practice that forgiveness can lead to decreased anger, depression, anxiety and stress, as well as enhanced well being, including peace of mind.

God generously gives us grace, even though we are not worthy, even though we have all fallen short, even though we have messed up. A very helpful new book for particularly complicated relationships is Forgive for Good: A Proven Prescription for Health and Happiness by Dr. Fred Luskin. 

We can trust in God’s amazing grace, unearned love to empower us toward these actions. We are urged to prevent regrets later by communicating the loving acceptance now. Lets’ get busy.

God bless you,

Linda Foster Momsen, www.lindafostermomsen.com 


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